Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

Daniel Pink put into words what most of us already feel with his book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us He takes a deep dive into motivation, specifically for creative individuals, and how it differs from the carrot and stick approach we envision. His research has helped guide my actions as a leader, but also helped me to understand why some positions have been extremely satisfying while others fell flat.

Open SEO - Not another todo list

The javascript community has been buzzing about ReactJS for a couple years now. With the launch of React Native and other enhancements the community and momentum just keeps growing. I’ve been remiss in that while I’ve kept up with the news, anouncements, and information regarding ReactJS, I never actually rolled up my sleeves and built a project with the library. I’ve used AngularJS for projects and have even used VueJS extensively, but left ReactJS alone.

Google Analytics - Lifetime Value (LTV) Report

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for online companies, especially at it’s current price of free for basic usage. Today I noticed that they made the tool even better by adding a Lifetime Value report. This report allows you to see the value of your users over time and can be partitioned by acquisition source/medium. Lifetime Value can be very difficult to calculate, but is often a required metric, especially when evaluating marketing performance.

Big data just got bigger

The year was 2012, the company was Target, the story was a daughter’s conception. If you don’t remember the flurry of news items around the incident allow me to provide the short version. Every time you shop, online or brick and mortar, you provide the retailer valuable data about who you are and what you like. Browser cookies, loyalty cards, custom coupons, credit cards, IP addresses, and more all allow retailers to assign the activity to a unique customer ID.

A/B Significance Test - You may be doing it wrong.

Did that calculator really confirm your test was statistically significant? Running A/B tests can be extremely beneficial and also exciting. That’s why everyone who runs them likes to watch as the results stream in. This can be a huge problem, especially if you: End the test once it reaches statisitcal significance. Continue to run the test until it shows statisitcal significance. Look at every possible metric to see what changes. Both of these actions will show false positives.

The link between music and code.

Many programmers have conducted their random samplings and collected their anecdotal data and then begged the question: Why is it that so many programmers are also musicians? Cognitive Bias It’s very likely we are suffering from confirmation or ingroup bias. There are plenty of programmers who don’t play an instrument, perhaps we only remember the ones who do. According to around 11% of the US population plays a musical instrument.