Google Analytics - Lifetime Value (LTV) Report

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for online companies, especially at it’s current price of free for basic usage. Today I noticed that they made the tool even better by adding a Lifetime Value report. This report allows you to see the value of your users over time and can be partitioned by acquisition source/medium. Lifetime Value can be very difficult to calculate, but is often a required metric, especially when evaluating marketing performance.

Big data just got bigger

The year was 2012, the company was Target, the story was a daughter’s conception. If you don’t remember the flurry of news items around the incident allow me to provide the short version. Every time you shop, online or brick and mortar, you provide the retailer valuable data about who you are and what you like. Browser cookies, loyalty cards, custom coupons, credit cards, IP addresses, and more all allow retailers to assign the activity to a unique customer ID.